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Emerging technologies in consumer decision-making and choice

This track aims to attract papers that focus attention on relatively new and emerging technologies that shape consumer choice and decision-making. Specifically, the role of new marketing environments as well as consumption / consumer decision-making environments shaped by emerging technologies are of particular interest. Such technology-led environments include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • New technologies (e.g., artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality) in marketing
  • Impact of social media on consumers in particular (e.g., brands, digital marketing) and society in general (e.g., privacy, elections, social issues)
  • Online customer reviews (including fake reviews, source trustworthiness)
  • The digital environment and big data
  • Marketing analytics in the digital world (e.g., machine learning)
  • Text mining in the digital world
  • Mobile marketing
  • Integrated channel strategies (e.g., multi-channel, omni-channel, webrooming, showrooming)