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Smart Cities and Digital Government

We are pleased to invite papers to the track, ‘Smart Cities and Digital Government’. The present e-governance domain underline the potential prediction of future trends by merging and mining the datasets emerging from all possible government domains. This is impressive given that e-governance idea had started from a standalone portal and then managed to completely integrate public utility services electronically. Though the projected possibilities seem to be feasible with technological developments and data mining algorithms, realization is not smooth or linear just like any grand technological projects. The challenges arise from the multiple fronts – design / conceptualization, technological capabilities, collaboration among different public organizations, implementation capacity, sustained political support, citizen awareness and realization of benefits. The proposed track aims to improve our understanding of the above complexities and provide opportunities to learn from each other. Both conceptual and empirical papers are invited to the following broad themes:

  • Politics and contestation between urban and rural priorities in egovernance, especially smart cities vs digital villages.
  • Use of social media in policy makers, policy managers and citizens in social media.
  • Platformization of service delivery in smart cities - models, challenges and experiences.
  • Open data for innovation in smart cities. 
  • Smart city initiatives and their linkage with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Application of Blockchain in smart cities.
  • Privacy and cyber security issues in smart cities.
  • Managing misinformation in smart cities.
  • Idea of inclusion in smart cities. 
  • Participation of private individual in smart cities management through crowd-sourcing.

Please free to contact the track chairs to discuss your papers or other ideas.

Paper submission: