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Considering the unprecedented and exponential growth of information communication technologies (ICTs), all types of organizations have been impacted by digital transformation. One of the most promising cutting-edge technology is Blockchain. That is, Blockchain technologies promise to disrupt the traditional models involving mainly the operations improved concerning product safety, accountability, provenance, visibility, transparency, traceability of operations, cooperation, and trust, among others. In addition, operating by a decentralized model that a central intermediary is no more needed to validate the transactions, process efficiency and costs should be improved drastically. However, Blockchain technologies regarding applications are still in its infancy. Considering this avenue of opportunities for scholars and practitioners, this Track aims to unlock and shed light on the blockchain applications at the organizational, inter-organizational, supply chain, production and marketing levels analysis, providing insight about how organizations can capture business value with blockchain. Theoretical and empirical papers employing quantitative, qualitative, and/or critical methods are welcomed. 


The following topics are not intended to be exhaustive but are of interest to the Blockchain track. Therefore, it is intended to stimulate thinking about Blockchain from various levels of analysis, theoretical perspectives and valuable insights to gain an in-depth understanding of creating business value. 

Blockchain in operations and supply chain management

  • Blockchain adoption stages in OSCM
  • Blockchain and diffusion of innovation
  • Blockchain and counterfeiting in the OSCM
  • Blockchain and the improved service level
  • Blockchain and the workers’ skills and capabilities
  • Blockchain and smart-contract applications in OSCM
  • Blockchain and product traceability/provenance
  • Blockchain applied in transportation
  • In-depth case studies reporting blockchain applications in OSCM

Blockchain and the interplay with other cutting-edge technologies

  • Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Blockchain and Big Data Analytics
  • Blockchain and IoT applications
  • Blockchain in smart cities
  • Blockchain and drones
  • Blockchain and Industry 4.0
  • Blockchain and Circular Economy

Blockchain and Industrial Marketing

  • Blockchain and the reconfiguration of B2B/B2C relationships
  • Blockchain and the effect of the smart contracts
  • Blockchain and information sharing between organizations
  • Blockchain and buyer-supplier relationships remodeling
  • Blockchain and customer service
  • Blockchain and trust between partners
  • The interplay of Blockchain and social media

Blockchain and Production Research

  • Blockchain applications in manufacturing
  • Blockchain applications in production, planning and control
  • Blockchain and its interplay with quality management
  • Blockchain and productivity improvement
  • Blockchain and the interplay with cloud manufacturing
  • Blockchain and scheduling

Blockchain and organization issues

  • Blockchain and the security
  • Blockchain and ethics
  • Blockchain and trust
  • Barriers and facilitators of Blockchain
  • Blockchain and improved efficiency process.
  • Blockchain and business value
  • Blockchain and competitive advantage.
  • Blockchain and diffusion of innovation.
  • Blockchain and business capabilities
  • Blockchain and financial perspective
  • Blockchain and cultural issues
  • Blockchain and sustainability


Paper Submission Opens: 15 August 2019

Paper Submission Deadline: 15 May 2020

Authors Notification: 30 June 2020

Final Submission: 31 July 2020

Early Bird Registration: 31 August 2020

Conference Dates: 17–19 December 2020


Authors should submit original, unpublished research papers. All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings. Submissions should not be under consideration for any other conference or journal outlet. Submission of papers in PDF format is via Easychair.