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IT and Disaster Management

Natural disasters (such as earthquakes, floods and wildfires) and man-made disasters (such as nuclear disasters) are characterized by severe damage to lives and property and disruption to the business activities. Information technology has been used not only to aid rescue measures during and after the disasters but also to forecast future disasters for effective planning. For example, GPS(Global Positioning System), Remote sensing, GIS (Geographic Information System), low cost IoT devices have been extensively used by several disaster relief providing agencies across the world. Given the high importance of disaster management, this field has attracted significant interest not only from governments and NGOs but also from academics from different disciplines such as Disaster studies, Information systems and Supply Chain management. The IT and Disaster management seeks contributions on understanding the role of Information technology in providing fast, efficient and effective disaster preparedness, response and recovery, use of social media for disaster response, cross-disciplinary studies on the use of IT in creating agile supply chains for disaster response etc. Conceptual and empirical papers employing quantitative, qualitative, and/or critical methods in this field are welcome.